About US


Our Start

HalalHub Consultants Pte Ltd, which is also known as HalalHub Business Managements.  Founded in late 2005 by its CEO, Ustaz Azmi Abdul Samad, HalalHub Consultants Pte Ltd and HalalHub Business Managements is presently, masya Allah, one of the leading Islamic and Halal consultancy firm in the region.

Many established and well known restaurants, food caterers, product manufacturers have obtained their MUIS Halal certifications through the Halal consultancy services provided by our professional and dedicated Halal Consultants.

01. Strategic

is a one-stop Islamic and Halal Consultancy firm in Singapore.

02. Professional

PMC Certified Halal Consultant.  Its Islamic and Halal consultancy services have benefited big corporations and communities. 

03. International

Services expand to Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia and China; alhamdulillah.


A Team Of Professionals

Azmi Abdul Samad

Founder & CEO

Principal Halal Consultant

Muhammad Amran

Assistant Halal Consultant

Halal Certification Manager

Norliza Abdul Hamid

Assistant Halal Consultant

Corporate Affairs Manager

Husna Hussin

Assistant Halal Consultant

IT & Marketing Manager


What We Do Best

Principal Halal Consultant

Ustaz Azmi is in the Muslim community masya Allah, one of the leading religious scholar in Singapore

Talks & Seminars

Held Islamic, motivational and Halal lectures regularly at local mosques and business federation seminars.

HalalHub Consultants Pte Ltd

Awarded the Promising 500 SME Award by The Small Medium Business Association of Singapore and Top SME Achiever Award


If an Establishment seriously and sincerely wish to serve genuine 100% Halal Food & Beverages and meets all MUIS’ Halal requirements


Assure and guarantees that we will be able to obtain Halal certifications for The establishment, insya Allah.

Everyone is answerable before God in the hereafter.


If an Establishment wish to obtain Halal certifications, BUT do not wish to serve Halal Food, please DO NOT call us. We will NEVER sacrifice our faith and will not wish to destroy the Halal industry.