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HalalHub Consultants Pte Ltd &
HalalHub Business
Managements is a one-stop
Islamic and Halal consultancy firm in Singapore.

Our professional and dedicated
Halal consultants are always
ready to assist you in your Halal
certications or any other General Halal matters.

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We specialise in providing local and international Halal consultancy services for eating establishments, food caterers, product manufacturers to obtain MUIS Halal certifications, both locally and internationally.

  • Annual Halal Management
  • Maintenance Services
  • Halal Auditing
  • Internal Halal Training
  • Halal-Related Matters.

Our Specialties

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Halal Business Consulting

Market Research

Mergers & Acquisitions

MUIS HalMQ System


Annual Halal Maintenance

Halal Management services

MUIS Halal Decals


Qiblah Prayers Direction


What We Can Do For You

Should you require our Halal Consultants to urgently assist you in any of your business requirements, do let us know. Our Halal Consultants will be more than glad to to assist and provide solutions.

Halal Consultancy

Our professional Halal Consultants will assist and guide Halal Applicants in the application of MUIS Halal certificates.

MUIS HalMQ System

HalalHub Consultants shall perform evaluations and
prepare a customised HalMQ systems for Halal Applicants based on their respective different Halal Certificate schemes.

Annual Halal Maintenance

We provide annual Halal Maintenance and Halal Management services so that our clients and MUIS Halal certificate holders enjoy a Halal peace of mind throughout the Halal certification period.

Ritual Cleansing / Sertu

We provide prayers direction services for hotels, hospitals or any corporate clients who wish to have prayer directions at
their premises or those who wish to provide prayer rooms for their Muslim guests or customers

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

These are among the establishments, masya Allah, which HalalHub Consultants Pte Ltd had served (or is still serving) and assisted in their MUIS Halal certification projects.

Some of them engaged our Annual Halal maintenance services to enjoy a full year of Halal peace of mind, alhamdulillah. There are many other clients which is not listed here